Manjaro Linux Unetbootin LiveUSB Not Booting

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Linux
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Tested using 083 Openbox Manjaro .iso;

1. Create LiveUSB using Unetbootin as usual
2. Do the following;

cp {usb root folder}/manjaro/boot/i686/manjaroiso {usb root folder}/ubnkern
cp {usb root folder}/manjaro/boot/i686/manjaro.img {usb root folder}/ubninit

3. Edit {usb root folder}/syslinux.cfg
4. If your USB drive label is PATRIOT for example – replace misolabel=MJRO_083 with misolabel=PATRIOT
5. Save changes to {usb root folder}/syslinux.cfg, restart choosing to boot using USB and Manjaro LiveUSB will load successfully

  1. Erik Malm says:

    Thank you, very much appreciate the info.
    DD would not actually allow me to EFI boot so unetbootin is the better option

  2. […] tous dans mon cas, mais j’ai finalement pu créer la clé qui allait fonctionner grâce à ce blog.   Les plus de Manjaro ? Sous Fedora, les ventilateurs de mon Mac turbinaient en permanence, […]

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