Sharing linux experiences …

  1. skypce says:

    Hi, great work with the kernel. Can you do a netbook kernel please. I try to compile one based in the netbook-kernel project but it run slow in my netbook.
    I have modified .config if you want i can send it to you for fixed it. regards.

  2. Niop says:

    Hi Pateo,

    There’s a pb with all 3.2.x kernels, the emgd dkms exit with an error about fbcon.c “THIS MODULE” not declared… so the module is not build, and Xorg don’t run, stuck with a blinking cursor …

    any suggestion ?

    I also tried to compile the kernels 3.2.6 and 3.3.rc2 myself with 3.1.8 .config, and same result …

  3. Niop says:

    Hi Pateo,

    I’m trying to use your v3.2_master.diff with the 3.2.12 kernel sources, but have a lot of
    ” Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! ”
    i use patch -p1 < ../v3.2_master.diff
    patch -p1 -N
    patch -p1 -R

    and when trying to build the kernel many errors at the beginning like :
    include/linux/bitops.h:77:21: erreur: redefinition of ‘rol64’
    include/linux/bitops.h:57:21: note: previous definition of ‘rol64’ was here

    how can i use the diff file ?


  4. Xian says:

    Any advise for my Toshiba nb205 with the following specs? (want Lubuntu)

    Intel® Atom™ processor N280 – 1.66GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, 667MHz FSB
    Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset

  5. xian says:

    Is there something that works better? If so, I will certainly try it first from a pen drive and think about installing. For more than light workloads. I post because I don’t know too much about chipsets, but your custom kernel configs look to be for Nb205s slightly different then mine. how slight (or not), I don’t know, but you seem to indicate that the chipset is the differentiating factor, and mine doesn’t read exactly as yours

    • pateo says:

      Not able to comment as couldn’t find any information on the Nb205s. The Intel Atom N270/N280 is around 6 years old now so should work with most linux distributions (get a USB wifi adaptor if having driver issues with the built in wifi). Suggestion would be to choose a “lighter” distribution due to the Atom’s limited design and minimum RAM for netbooks.

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