How to install Connman in ArchBang (Oct 2014)

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Linux
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sudo pacman -S connman
sudo systemctl stop netctl
sudo systemctl disable netctl
sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd
sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd
sudo systemctl enable connman
sudo systemctl start connman
connmanctl > enable wifi
connmanctl > scan wifi
connmanctl > agent on
connmanctl > services (then copy wifi hash of your SSID)
connmanctl > quit
sudo touch /var/lib/connman/<SSID>-psk.config
sudo <your editor of choice> /var/lib/connman/<SSID>-psk.config

[service_wifi_<connman wifi hash of your SSID>]
Type = wifi
Name = <SSID>
Passphrase = <ASCII Passphrase>

… then quit editor/save file

connmanctl > scan wifi
connmanctl > services (and you’ll note an “AO” next to your SSID i.e.
already connected – wifi will be auto enabled upon boot from now on)

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