3.4.7 Intel Atom (945GME chipset) Netbook Zen Kernel compiled on Lubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Linux
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1. Up-to-date kernel (as at 02 August 2012)
2. Customised for Toshiba NB205 netbook (945GME chipset) – should work for other Atom netbooks with similar hardware
3. BFS scheduler, BFQ/CFQ selectable IO scheduler
4. Faster start-up/boot time (by about 15% compared to standard kernel using hard disks – more if using SSD’s)
5. Aiming to be more power efficient than standard kernel
6. Aiming for smoother overall experience than standard kernel
7. Kernel changes here

kernel headers and image

To use:
1. Extract to any directory using 7-Zip
2. Open terminal window
3. cd {extracted directory}
4. sudo dpkg -i *3.4.7*zen*l12*.deb
5. (optional) Add –no-log to kernel configuration line to workaround pty errors during boot if using systemd
6. Reboot

To uninstall:
1. Boot into any other kernel
2. Open terminal window
3. sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.4.7-zen-l12-cfq linux-headers-3.4.7-zen-l12-cfq
4. Reboot


Kernel defaults to using CFQ IO scheduler.
Add elevator=bfq in Kernel command line to use BFQ IO scheduler instead without recompiling.

Credits to:
dametz (Steven Barrett) from Liquorix; Zen kernel developers & Pappy (Kernel Seeds) for initial .config seed; dieghen89 (kernel-netbook project) for BFQ tip.

Kernels are provided on an “as is basis” and not guaranteed to work on all netbooks (too many variations in hardware). Suggest to only use kernels compiled for your current distribution/version.

  1. spyrotsk says:

    Hi, your kernel works great on Samsung NP-N130 but I have Also UMTS/HSDPA/3G PCI-E Samsung Y3100 Modem on board and I Needed this, you can’t put it in the next release? Thanks!

  2. Rod Gray says:

    Hello again Pateo, quick question please. Is it a known problem with these kernels to break the wired connections to our Netbooks? After upgrading to this 3.4.7 kernel I no longer have my fast wired connection. All I can connect to is wifi. On the stock kernel it auto connects to the wired connection first. Any ideas how I can use wired ethernet only please using this custom kernel? Thank you again… Lubuntu 12.04 fresh install, with no other mods and all updates applied. Rod

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