3.2.1 Intel Atom Netbook Liquorix Kernel compiled on Lubuntu 11.04

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Linux
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kernel headers and image

To use:
1. Extract to any directory using 7-Zip
2. Open terminal window
3. cd {extracted directory}
4. sudo dpkg -i *3.2.1*lnat*cfq*.deb
5. Reboot

To uninstall:
1. Boot into any other kernel
2. Open terminal window
3. sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.2.1-liq-lnat-cfq linux-headers-3.2.1-liq-lnat-cfq
4. Reboot


Kernel defaults to using CFQ IO scheduler.
Add elevator=bfq in Kernel command line to use BFQ IO scheduler instead without recompiling.

Credits to:
dametz from Liquorix; Zen kernel developers & Pappy (Kernel Seeds) for initial .config seed; dieghen89 (kernel-netbook project) for BFQ tip.

Kernels are provided on an “as is basis” and not guaranteed to work on all netbooks (too many variations in hardware). Suggest to only use kernels compiled for your current distribution/version.

  1. P Y says:

    here you go again,thanx Pateo

  2. anthonyvenable110 says:


  3. Niop says:

    best custom kernel for our netbooks, thanks Pateo !

    One little missing feature, with legacy kernels i’m able to enable the Wifi with Fn+F2 ( using the acpi_osi=Linux kernel boot parameter ), with your 3.1.8 kernel it’s not working …
    I’m on LinuxMint 12, Emgd 1.10 graphic driver on a EeePC 1101HA if it helps
    Is there some way to enable it in recompiling the kernel by myself ?

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