Manual firmware update for Nokia N8

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Phones
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Disclaimer – do unwarranted (but thoroughly tested) steps below at your own risk. No responsibility assumed if your phone is accidentally bricked. Your mileage may vary …

Following works with Phoenix version 2011.02.000.44842

1. Remove any lock screens on phone
2. Turn off any pc software firewalls
3. Set phone to ovi suite mode then connect switched on phone to pc via usb
4. Copy all navifirm downloaded firmware files to c:\program files\nokia\phoenix\products\rm-596 (make this folder if not exist)
5. In Phoenix – select conn with RM-596
6. Tools > options > prod location – data package 1.0 section should have c:\program files\nokia\phoenix\products\rm-596, apply and ok all other prompts
7. File > open product RM-596
8. Flashing > Firmware update
9. Product code – click … > choose whichever variant you like (assuming you downloaded a few variants – you can flash a different variant to your original phone)
10. Click Options at bottom left – select file ending with emmc.fpsx then click delete (this assumes you’re not formatting your data partition) then ok
11. Click Refurbish and wait for Firmware updating succeeded message ok then disconnect and reconfigure phone
12. Done!

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