How to switch to SATA AHCI mode in Windows XP

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Windows
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1. Verify you have a SATA drive e.g. check BIOS prompts and identify the exact controller model using something like CPUID PC-Wizard.
2. Download SATA drivers from your device manufacturer website.
3. Alternatively you can try downloading generic SATA drivers from say Intel.
4. Extract the driver files to a temp location. Intel drivers have command line option “-a” and files will be extracted to C:\PROGRAM FILES\INTEL\<SOME PATH CONTAINING “STORAGE MANAGER”>
5. Open Windows XP device manager.
6. Expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers item.
7. Update the driver for the item which has “SATA” in the description using the extracted driver.
8. Reboot.
9. Go to BIOS – change controller mode to AHCI, save changes to BIOS and reboot.
10. If you encounter BSOD, go back to BIOS, change controller back to compatibility mode then restart Windows using “Last known good configuration”. Select another model from the driver list then try steps 5 to 9 again.
11. Windows should now boot without BSOD and will find and install some remaining drivers and will reboot again.
12. Assuming you have an Intel SATA controller, rerun the SATA driver setup program to create a SATA utility group in Start Menu.
13. Done!.
  1. Thanks for sharing, this was interesting to read and very helpful.

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